If you deal with a predominately male market, a pocketknife makes a nice giveaway.

This one is more than a knife -- it's more like a mini tool kit. And the more useful a gift is the more likely recipients are to keep it, use it and remember you.

Although we usually think of a man carrying this in his pocket, it could end up in a toolbox, or glove compartment. And don't entirely exclude women from wanting one. I know more than a few women that have one because they're compact and handy.

You may feel you need to avoid this as a tradeshow giveaway if many of the attendees board a plane to go home, since these may get confiscated at the airport. But just a sticker reminding them to pack the knife in their checked luggage can solve that problem.

I had one client bring imprinted pocketknives on an overseas business trip. The knives were a big hit. Prospects there saw the gift as novel yet practical.

Color: Black, blue, burgandy, transparent blue, transparent
green, transparent red, white

Min. Production Time: 10 days

a Quantity:
a Price:

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